So long 2021. Love, Parents

As parents, 2021 has been a mix of relief and struggles. The world has felt unstable at times. Now is one of those times. But you’ve persevered throughout and you will continue to do so.

And when this is all past us, you’ll laugh and cry remembering the togetherness, the messiness, the amount that they grew, the frustrations, the longing for friends, perhaps even the growth of your family, and the realization that all you really need is right there beside you. And maybe a Roomba.

We launched our company and our first product in 2021. It has reached levels of success that were unimaginable to me this time last year. And I can say with confidence that we wouldn’t have achieved this without you. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU, not just for the support you’ve given Geddy’s Mom, but for the opportunity you’ve given parents just like you around the world for a new level of safety in their homes. You’ve helped in your purchases, your reviews, your follows, likes, comments, that time you mentioned us to your friend, or simply when you signed up for our newsletter.

Mom and son working from home

2021 Geddy’s Mom Year in Review:

That picture above is 2021 in a nutshell over here. That’s me working on our marketing with Geddy working on his reading. We are a small business. More specifically, a small family business run almost exclusively by myself in our home with incredible measures taken for covid safety, still to this day. Geddy, at only 2.5 when we launched, has been my co-worker and cheerleader. Work from home with a toddler can be an impossible feat – but together, with the help of my incredibly supportive co-founder and full-time physician, husband and father (all one person), we are a thriving small business! 

Fueled by support from members of the safety community, like Dr. Joel Moody, Ontario’s new Chief Prevention Officer; David Kiddoo, Executive Director of the Communications Cable and Connectivity Association; Sharon Townsend, Executive Director of Children’s Burn Foundation; and encouraging responses from the CPSC and UK’s RoSPA, in addition to the growing list of injuries reported, we developed this much-needed, simple, effective and inexpensive safety device with a quirky name and launched it early in 2021. 

We immediately earned the Parent Tested Parent Approved seal of approval, passing their series of testing with an almost-perfect score. 

Media then started to gather, as my hometown of Calgary first picked up the story, soon followed by Red Tricycle, Parents Magazine (no freaking way!), Good Housekeeping (holy crap!), and then from out of the blue, a feature in BuzzFeed (say what!?).

Earlier in 2021, we earned the 2021 Baby Innovation Awards as Baby Proofing Product of the Year. There is no title that could have made us feel better about our mission. The prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards soon followed, as did a great honor of being named in the Good Housekeeping awards. Finally, as 2021 was drawing to a close, Watch Your Mouth by Geddy’s Mom became a finalist in the JPMA Innovation Awards.

While most of you know we were entered in to JPMA’s Parent’s Pick award, what you might not know is the amount of messages we received asking if we really thought we had a chance, being the most unknown brand in a list of 55 which included some of the most well known brands. Sure, some of the comments were off-putting, but we understood where they were coming from. While we didn’t win… we did come in second place! We might be small, but we are mighty. And again, we couldn’t have achieved that without your help.

Awards are great, but what’s more great is knowing our mission to raise awareness of the hazards associated with USB chargers are being heard and attended to. And this is clear in the sales that continue to grow, month after month. Watch Your Mouth is in an astounding amount of homes throughout North America, stretching as far as the UK and even farther to Australia. And on Geddy’s Mom’s social media, we don’t just raise awareness about USB safety – we raise awareness weekly about all types of baby proofing and child safety concerns.  (Follow us).

What’s more is the priority we have set to provide product, knowledge, and funds to areas of need. In 2021, Geddy’s Mom provided 650 Watch Your Mouth covers to families whose children are recovering from injuries, and funds to both the Children’s Burn Foundation and JPMA Cares.

We are looking over the edge on to 2022. 40 years before The Jetsons. Our modern-day homes need modern-day safety protocols. Which is why we haven’t stopped at USB charger safety… 2022 will be an exciting new year for us as we release another must-needed product the juvenile world has never seen…



See Ya Soon!

Again, we thank you for your support in 2021 and we are wishing you a covid-free, easier, unconfined existence in 2022.
Stay Safe,Sarah, Eric and Geddy

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