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Watch Your Mouth


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Watch Your Mouth (WYM) is the first and only child-safe USB safety cover for the free end of your charger. Our patent-pending product puts a protective barrier between your plugged-in charger and your child.

When your USB charger is left plugged in to a power source, current continues to flow. The charger’s free metal tip can release this current to an unintended source – such as a child’s hand or mouth – and this can cause devastating injury.

WYM snaps onto and encapsulates the free metal end of any standard USB charger to dramatically reduce the risk of trauma posed by a plugged-in charger. Our child-resistant closure allows you to keep your charger plugged-in and readily available for a charge while keeping its hazardous end out of reach from curious little hands and mouths.

  • 2021 Winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval
  • 3 units per package
  • Can hold up to two cords per unit
  • Compatible with standard USB chargers including but not limited to: Lightning, USB-C, Micro USB and Mini USB chargers.
  • No small parts
  • Made in the USA
  • BPA Free non-conductive polypropylene
  • Patent-Pending
  • Developed by Doctors and Engineers
  • Dimensions: 2.00 inches x 1.5 inches x 0.75 inches


This product was extremely easy to use. It’s small durable and safe. I highly recommend it to any parents as the piece of mind it gives is worthwhile. Some safety products make getting to use your own things difficult this doesn’t impair how to get to the things you need.

- Danielle

This product is great! It has a simple but effective design that corrects a problem in our homes. I don’t know about other parents with children but my son is always putting my phone cord in his mouth. The Watch Your Mouth corrects this problem easily, my son wants nothing to do with my cord now that he can’t put it into his mouth. Overall this is a great product to protect your child from the dangers of chewing on ends of cords.

- Jennifer

The Geddy’s Mom is a great and compact USB protector that is very easy to put a cable into and snap in place. When you want to use the charger you can easily pull it out. It can cling on a bit sometimes, but it’s easy to overcome with a pull.  It’s durable and small enough to not cause an unsightly view in the home. Overall I am impressed with this product.

- Adriana

Great product if you have low charging cables with little ones crawling around. Geddy’s Mom is easy to use and also eases your mind as chargers and cords are always on the babies sight line.

- Melissa

I always have a charger next to the couch and this was a potential hazard I never even thought of. The protector is small and easy to use – an adult can easily adjust it as needed to charge a phone but my kids are deterred when it’s active. I wish mine was white to blend in more with my iPhone wire but the black works perfectly for my husband’s android charger.

- Anne

This product was an eye opener for me. I knew that chargers continued to use electricity when left plugged in, but I hadn’t thought about the current itself. Every household should use these.

- Mary

This product is unique and innovative. It helps with protection of cords from quick hands as a first line of defense against a hazard some baby proofers may overlook.

- Mari

My overall feeling towards this product is amazed at how great this was designed & how smart of an idea it was to come up with this because I feel this is something that is overlooked all too often & this is a problem. Honestly, even I didn’t think much of this until I read up on this after I received it. I had to read more on the back of the product’s packaging to find out how bad this could actually turn out & just how hazardous this could become for a baby if they do something with the end that they shouldn’t, like put it in their mouth & electrocute themselves accidentally. This is a great innovative, unique, helpful product that I feel could quite possibly blow up into something you’ll start to see more companies diving into just to make a similar product. It is a great idea & helps to avoid hazard of possible infant death which is very serious & should be taken as such!

- Cynthia

My 11 month old is very interested in wired and is always going after them. This is a great, simple product that covers the tip of phone chargers and keeps my daughter from being able to put them in her mouth.

- Rachel

It’s a great quality product. It effectively keeps my baby away from the end of the cable, she used to want to bite the metal part all the time. It’s easy to install too.

- Priscila

This is an excellent product that should be in every home. With a curious toddler you need to be protected! I’m so glad I discovered this product. I will need one on every charger in my home. There is nothing more important than my child’s safety!

- Katie