Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Making The Perfect Baby Gift Basket

When it comes to creating a baby gift registry or shopping for a mom-to-be it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the products and gadgets out there. We know that thinking of baby shower gifts can be pretty tricky! Which is why we curated a list of the ULTIMATE baby gift basket items so you can be THAT friend who brings the perfect gift, or THAT mom-to-be who has the perfect baby gift registry. 

Check out our list of the best baby products for 2021. And even better…every item in our list is available on amazon prime.

Frida Baby Basics Kit

Because you never thought you’d stick a tube up a tushy or suck snot out of a nostril. But you will… trust us, you will. And Frida Baby makes it all less icky.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

On-the-go sound machine. We couldn’t leave the house without it.


Like Goldilocks, you’ll have to try a few before you find the bottle that’s just right. We found that in Comotomo. It is the easiest to clean while still reducing colic. And it’s darn pretty too! She will love it.

Munchkin Bottle Cleaner

There’s just something about this bottle cleaner. And it has a perfect attachment for comotomo nipples.

Hello Bello Anything

And we mean anything! Right down to their wipes. We have tested Huggies, Pampers, Honest and Kirkland. Hello Bello may be a little pricier, but there’s nothing as soft, durable, and without any fuzzies surprises in the tushy. (And their apricot vanilla body wash – omg – heaven.) Just get them a little something to introduce them to the brand!

Hatch Rest Sound Machine

A definite basket upgrade, but a memorable one! All the sounds along with the ability to customize the nightlight with any color in the rainbow. And it’s all programmable from your phone. 

Swado Swaddle

This swaddle will make your friend’s nights a lot simpler! There’s no scratchy and loud velcro. Instead, it has a material that behaves like velcro (but feels like a soft towel!). 

Matchstick Monkey Teether

Because who can’t smile when they see these!? AND they work.

L’ovedbaby Wrap

Another lesson learned your friend will be happy to receive: Ditch the newborn pants and stay away from pulling clothes over a newbie’s head. Especially after a blowout. A diaper and a wrap shirt are a recipe for success! We love L’ovedbaby for its super softness and durability.

Jellycat Suffed Animals

Safe, soft, and ridiculously cute. If you need to add a sweet stuffy to your gift, these are the go-to!

And of course…

Watch Your Mouth Safety Cover

The ultimate cherry on top! You’ve provided this new bucket of love with curated items to keep her and her mom happy. Don’t forget to top it off with another bit of cuteness that is topping lists of health and safety innovations for babies. 

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