Geddy’s Mom Becomes the Newest Member of JPMA

Geddy’s Mom is proud to announce that we are the newest member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). As the voice of the industry on quality and safety for baby and children’s products, JPMA members represent 95 percent of the prenatal to preschool products in North America.

We at Geddy’s Mom are a mom and pop shop of doctors who saw a gap in the child safety industry. That gap has devastating consequences, the result of which we see as doctors. So we created a device to mitigate the danger and close the gap. But we are not industry mavens. We are just pushing for a new standard in safety because we know it’s the right thing to do. Once you see the injury, talk to leaders in safety including pediatric plastic surgeons, fire chiefs, experts in charger safety like UL and the CCCA, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and comparable organizations around the world, and more importantly, once you see the statistics, you can’t just walk away from it.

Our launch was just over 3 months ago, and it’s been a pretty incredible experience to educate parents on safety hazards, to see our safety device ‘Watch Your Mouth’ safety covers fly off the shelves and become an Amazon’s Choice product, and to win awards in the child safety category. Since the launch, we have slept more soundly knowing this device is in homes, protecting children.

And while we have received tremendous support by leaders in safety, we have been searching for somewhere to belong, with like-minded companies who have like-minded concerns and obstacles. We are honored that JPMA has accepted us as their newest member. Their devotion to the safety and quality of products for our children is unmatched, as is their impact on regulations, certification and education in the baby and child space. We are looking forward to working together to create safer homes for our children.

Stay Safe,

Sarah Shell, DDS

Founder and CEO of Geddy’s Mom

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