Geddy’s Mom’s Purpose Aligns with Leaders in Electrical Safety

In our mission to turn up the volume on this conversation about the safety hazards associated with live chargers in the home, we found a soapbox and a microphone with the Communications, Cable & Connectivity Association (CCCA).

Communications, Cable & Connectivity Association

If you haven’t heard of the CCCA, it’s only because you’re not listening. When CCCA isn’t educating consumers, contractors, or law enforcement on the increasing hazards of cables, especially counterfeit and generic, they are front and center in both bodies of the Chamber of Congress pushing for higher standards in online marketplaces. Their goal is to protect Americans against counterfeit products and unidentifiable sellers that inevitably expose consumers to health and safety concerns, as these products are untraceable and unregulated. (Read SHOP SAFE Act and INFORM Consumer Act)

According to David Kiddoo, Executive Director of CCCA, chargers plugged in to a power source but not in to their receptacle device, leaving the charger lead free “can release electrical current to an unintended source, such as skin, jewelry or mouth contact, creating devastating life safety implications…”

Geddy’s Mom and the CCCA

We were thrilled to learn of the existence of the CCCA and their concern over the risks and consequences involved in the evolving need for household connectivity and communications access and the powering of devices that provide this access. With the Work From Home (WFH) measures as a result of Covid-19, this need for connectivity in the household has never been greater. Mr. David Kiddoo, Executive Director of the CCCA agrees that these new core necessities, coupled with the infusion of counterfeit, generic, substandard, or malfunctioning chargers, leaves our households in a vulnerable state: “cables and chargers produced using deficient manufacturing processes and substandard materials pose a serious safety risk”.

He goes on to say that chargers plugged into a power source but not into their receptacle device, leaving the charger lead free “can release electrical current to an unintended source, such as skin, jewelry, or mouth contact, creating devastating life safety implications. This can potentially lead to loss of life or life-threatening injury”. And this is where a conversation between Geddy’s Mom co-founder Dr. Sarah Shell and CCCA’s Executive Director David Kiddoo, got interesting.

Dr. Shell discussed with Mr. Kiddoo the existence of those worst-case scenarios and injuries she has researched and what led her and Dr. Cohen to create a solution to this problem. Drs Shell and Cohen created a device targeted towards child safety, but applicable to general household safety. This device, called Watch Your Mouth, encapsulates the charger lead with a non-conductive barrier to mitigate the risks associated with the ubiquitous plugged-in charger head from coming in contact with skin, metal, or most worrisome, a child’s mouth.

What Mr. Kiddoo and Dr. Shell recognized is that their end-goal is the same: to reduce the opportunity for electrical-related hazards in a household. While the CCCA is working hard to reduce the chance that a hazardous item involved in communication cable or connectivity enters the household, Geddy’s Mom is in the household mitigating the hazard that might already be present.

We at Geddy’s Mom rest easier knowing that CCCA exists and is fighting for our health and safety, and we feel very privileged to have their support and encouragement, as well as their acknowledgment that our Watch Your Mouth device is a solution to a mundane but serious life safety issue.

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