“Electrical burns are an uncommon yet devastating class of burn injuries”

In discussing the hazards of USB chargers, we are most often met with two responses:

  1. Awareness and either a behavioral shift (unplugging and putting away) or placement of a Geddy’s Mom WATCH YOUR MOUTH on the free end.
  2. A push-back with the basis that low-voltage simply cannot create injury.

Electrical Burn Facts

Voltage, in relation to injury, is a misnomer. Current flow is what we are concerned about. A 2020 study published in the Elsevier Journal and the International Society for Burn Injuries amalgamated data from 2005-2018 on pediatric burn cases at the Shriners Hospital for Children. Their findings are below:

  • 81% of electric burns to the pediatric patients were from low voltage devices.
  • while prevalence is low, electrical injuries of this sort are often complex and devastating
  • previous studies have noted that “..young children are curious, lack awareness, and are often exposed to lower voltage domestic energy sources”.

Read the full study here.

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