Watch Your Mouth: A New Standard in Child Safety

Two days ago we officially launched Geddy’s Mom, thereby creating a new standard in electrical safety. 

The response has been tremendous; with support from leaders in safety, unpaid declarations and excitement from influencers and organizations, media attention, and earning the 2021 Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval. And we’ve only been live for just over 48 hours. But it’s been a long journey, complicated by an unprecedented reality.

Everything that goes along with creating a product and launching a business is difficult at baseline. Doing this during a pandemic with limited resources has absolutely steepened the climb.

My personal determination has been, in all honesty, driven by fear. While many of you are aware that this is not the first business I have started, you are probably not aware that I promised myself I would never venture into entrepreneurial life again.  

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As a mom and dentist, the visceral reaction I experienced when I saw my son suck on a plugged-in charger was something I simply could not ignore. The long term neurological implications of this injury was something that concerned by husband.

Why did this charger not injure my child as it had done to others? Why couldn’t we find any safety device to protect against this hazard? And why were we as a society ok with this new normal of leaving current-filled wires throughout our homes around our pets and children, for the sake of convenience? Ubiquity does not imply safety. Children and adults alike are being injured, furniture burned, and yes, some lives lost. The hazard has simply been overlooked.

The gold standard has been read to me on repeat “unplug, place charger in a safe space, replace outlet cover”. But no one is acknowledging the reality that it’s simply too much of a behavioral disturbance to expect parents to do that. 

All I wanted was a safety device to mitigate this hazard to our son in our home. But nothing existed. So we made it. But mitigating the hazard in our home to our child just wasn’t enough. 

We created something I’m very proud of and something I know will make an impact in home safety standards. With Work From Home and Virtual Education, exposure to injury by plugged-in chargers is at its height – I am proud, relieved, and happy to announce that ‘Watch Your Mouth’, our USB charger safety cover, is now available online to protect our little ones from electrocution injury by a plugged-in USB charger.

Sarah Shell, DDS – CEO & Co-Founder, Geddy’s Mom LLC

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