Woman of History: Masha Berenhaut

Today is International Women’s Day.

As a mother, woman, and business owner – it is necessary that we recognize women who have made an impact. We are spotlighting Masha Berenhaut (Stern), a woman you have likely not learned about, but one whose story matters. 

As a child, Masha’s parents and most of her family were murdered. She and her sister survived labour camps by being resourceful, survived starvation and the cold of Eastern Europe and northern Asia by begging and enduring. She was set up in marriage to a man she would learn to love at a displaced persons camp where she owned one shoe. The left or the right, I can not recall. For their wedding, he got her a shoe for each foot. She was smitten. 

She would have 3 children with him. To bring them to safety, she and her husband travelled 2 weeks on a rickety ship across the Atlantic Ocean with their infant and 2 toddlers, no privacy and barely any food. But she was used to that. She settled her family in a foreign country with a language she did not speak, to a man she was still getting to know. While he was out at dawn learning a trade that would support them, she raised good children who would have families of their own. 

She never complained, she persisted, focusing on what she had. Which was little in the eyes of many, but plentiful in hers.  She may never be a name for the history books, but she is responsible for the existence of 25 humans (and counting) who have had local, national, and global influences, and this influence will grow.  And one of our names will make it in to your history books, thanks to her, our Woman of History: Masha Berenhaut.

We celebrate impressive women this month, but let the celebration of a mother and all that she might endure to bring love in to the world, never be under-appreciated. 

-Sarah Shell, DDS

CEO & Co-Founder – Geddy’s Mom

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