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  • What does BuzzFeed have to say?

    "A pack of child-safe charger coverto cover the end of your device charger cord so you can keep it in a convenient place without worrying that your tiny tot will decide it looks like a tasty teether and put it in their mouth."

    30 Useful Products Every Parent Really ~Autumn~ Know About 
  • "Good Housekeeping's 2021 Parenting Awards"

    "Chargers for phones and other devices can pose a serious hazard when left plugged into outlets, but Geddy’s Mom’s case keeps their free ends away from exploring babies."

    2021 Parenting Awards 
  • "A Cover for You Charger" - July 2021 Print Publication

    "According to one study, more than 200 children in the United States ages 5 and under are rushed to the emergency room each year for electrical burns caused by the mental end of a plugged-in charger."

    Parents Magazine 
  • New Health & Safety Innovations for Babies & Toddlers

    "Just snap this safety cover over the free metal connector end of any standard USB cord and you keep curious fingers away from it. The plastic cover has a child-resistant lock and no small parts."

    New Health & Safety 
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