Geddy’s mom is a board-certified dentist, and Geddy’s dad is a board-certified neurologist. Together with a team of engineers, Geddy’s Mom offers practical safety solutions to real-life hazards, providing parents with much-needed peace of mind.

We’ve Got It Covered

Watch Your Mouth is a breakthrough child-safety product designed to dramatically reduce the risk of electric injury posed by a plugged in charger. With our ‘no small parts’ promise and our child-resistant closure, you can keep your charger connected and your child protected.


See our award winning safety device in action

Dr. Sarah Shell on why they developed Watch Your Mouth:

"As parents and as doctors, we understood the danger the moment we saw Geddy put the charger connector in his mouth for the first time. And ever since, we have been on a mission to help parents understand this danger and protect against it. Electrical shock or burn can happen, and the result can be devastating." -Dr. Sarah Shell