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Can I purchase a single WATCH YOUR MOUTH device?

We are currently only offering WATCH YOUR MOUTH in a pack of 3 as shipping alone would be more costly than the product. We found the pack of 3 to maximize your dollar per unit, and minimize shipping.

And hey, if 3 is too many, pay it forward and send one to a home with a young child – we are confident you’ll feel so good about it!

If my charger connector overheats due to a malfunction, will WATCH YOUR MOUTH remain intact?

WATCH YOU MOUTH is composed of a non-conductive material that has a high threshold for heat, but only up to a limit. If your connector overheats beyond this temperature, WYM will likely melt in those areas. If this happens, please contact us with images and we will replace your WYM device.

While you may see this as a detriment, we see this as a win. Were the device not covering your charger connector, as it overheats it would have greater capacity to start a fire or cause a burn to an individual or animal. So we will take the hit to keep your home and your selves safer.

What is WATCH YOUR MOUTH made of?

100% Polypropylene (recyclable plastic #5).

Polypropylene does not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA)

Polypropylene is a non-conductive recycleable plastic that has physical properties that are ideal for our device. It is heat-resistant and has physical properties that allows us to make this entire device in one whole unit, which means we have no small parts that can be of choking hazard.

Polypropylene is also biodigradable and does not generate toxic gases when burned.

It is low density, which means it requires less material and therefore reduces the amount of non-renewable resources used in manufacturing.

Is there really a danger of electrocution if my charger is left plugged in to the wall?

Yes, there is.

All chargers are not created equal. If you are purchasing your chargers from third party marketplaces, like Amazon, you can’t be sure that your product isn’t counterfeit. 90% of iPhone chargers listed on Amazon are counterfeit, according to Apple. In a study conducted by UL, 99% of those 90% failed basic safety tests, and 22/400 had the capacity to cause electrocution. Unless you open it up, it’s impossible to know if your charger contains secondary safety mechanisms that prevent current flow to an unintended source.

Generic made-for-iPhone chargers have recently been pulled from a big box retailer’s shelves because of the harm it caused and its potential for greater harm.

Even Apple’s customer support page suggests against extended skin contact and moist environments with the USB charger connectors that are plugged in to a power source. A malfunction in a branded charger is possible.

So, the answer is yes, a real danger exists, and this is supported by UL research and non-profit associations such as the CCCA (see article in blog regarding CCCA’s remarks on this danger)

What chargers are compatible with the WATCH YOUR MOUTH device?

WATCH YOUR MOUTH fits standard USB chargers including (but not limited to) Lighting, USB-C, Micro-USB and Mini-USB. Some flat USB chargers fit our device as well.

If you have a specific non-standard charger you are concerned about, please send us the charger information and we will let you know if it’s compatible!