About Our Founders

My name is Dr. Sarah Shell and I am co-founder of Geddy’s Mom LLC, the parent company behind Watch Your Mouth. And we are indeed a ‘parent’ company.

I learned early in my career as a dentist about the devastating trauma that can result from babies examining chargers with their mouths. As a neurologist, my husband was well aware of the long-term neurological consequences of traumatic shock and injury to a child.

Ever since we saw our son Geddy put the dangling end of a plugged in charger in his mouth, we have been on a mission to raise awareness of this hazard so that parents are better equipped for this modern day connection-driven environment.

So out of love and fear, we worked as a team of doctors, designers and engineers to create Watch Your Mouth to help mitigate this risk hiding in plain sight. We are looking forward to offering you more child-safe, beautiful, and cost effective products in the near future.

Watch Your Mouth Collection

The simple and comfortable baby proofing devices you've been looking for.  Developed by doctors, made in the USA.