• I Did What Any Other Mom Would Have Done

    Hi! I’m Sarah Shell, dentist and founder of Geddy’s Mom. I’m also Geddy’s actual mom. Which is a privilege unto itself.

    I Did What Any Other Mom Would Have Done 
  • A Conflicting Achievement: Geddy’s Mom is Now a Woman Business Enterprise…. April 29th, 2022

    Geddy’s Mom was just certified as a Women Business Enterprise. And this is a conflicting achievement. Here’s why:

    Does she have to choose between having a business and having a baby?

    A Conflicting Achievement 
  • So Long 2021. Love, Parents

    As parents, 2021 has been a mix of relief and struggles. The world has felt unstable at times. Now is one of those times. But you’ve persevered throughout and you will continue to do so.

    So Long 2021. Love, Parents 
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