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2023 JPMA Innovation Award WINNER

2024 Parents' Pick Award WINNER

You're about to experience outlet safety like never before with the mother of all outlet covers. Shut Your Face is the first-ever self-closing outlet cover that brings you comfort, simplicity, reliability and most importantly, research-based safety for your children. Here's why:

  • Our dual action release keeps kids out but is comfortable for adults. Simply squeeze and rotate to expose your outlet.
  • Zero-effort spring-back closure means once you pull that plug out, the safety arm automatically springs back to its covered position.
  • Complete seating of your plug! Unlike other wall-plate based covers, there's nothing here between the outlet and your plug - which means your plugs will seat fully and stay in place.
  • Independent outlet access means when you use one outlet, the other one remains in its safety position. 

We designed Shut Your Face to fit your widest plugs on our top vertical panel, and your tallest plugs on our lower horizontal panel.

NOTE: Shut Your Face is designed for use with 2-screw outlets, commonly known as decora or decorator. 

Installation is quick and easy! Simply remove the two screws on your outlet's wall plate and use our screws provided to attach Shut Your Face. Your package comes with a step-by-step illustrated guide as well as a QR code for a video walk-through.

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Shut Your Face self-closing baby proofing outlet covers keep children out but allows comfortable adult access to your outlets and returns to safety position with zero effort from you. How?

Our child resistant Dual Action Release system: Squeeze the two opposing buttons together and rotate the safety arm clockwise to reveal the outlet.

Our effortless Self-Closing Safety Arm: Simply remove your plug from the outlet and our spring-loaded arm will automatically return to its safety position.


  • Compatible with 2-SCREW Decora/Decorator outlets ONLY.
  • Made in the USA
  • 2023 JPMA Innovation Awards WINNER
  • Patent-Pending
  • Modern straight edge design with classic arch feature.
  • Innovative double-action release system and spring-back zero-effort closure.
  • Independent outlet access
  • No-interference complete plug seating
  • Developed by Doctors and Engineers
  • Dimensions: 6.25 inches x 4.5 inches x 0.75 inches
  • Geddy's Mom is the recipient of JPMA Core Values Award


  • FITS 2-SCREW OUTLETS ONLY, often known as Decora or Decorator outlets. Will not fit over 1 screw outlets.
  • 1 MINUTE ADULT INSTALLATION REQUIRED. Keep children away during installation.
  • Until installation is complete, the 2 included screws are considered a choking hazard.
  • Like all child proofing devices, Shut Your Face is not a substitute for adult supervision. The device is intended to reduce the chance that a child can access a live outlet. With enough time and opportunity, a child can defeat this product.
  • Do not install Shut Your Face over loose, worn or damaged outlets.
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